The podcast has been resurrected from the scheduling death! Appropriately so because Colin and Tyler jump right in reflecting on Easter Sunday and their Monday following...which is really when pastors celebrate Easter; Both boys talk about upcoming sermons and worship series for the Easter season; Tyler and Colin both discuss shit schedules; Tyler shares some stories from his vacation; Colin and Tyler revisit some more reflections on Black Panther; Colin shares another an epic fail; Colin talks about (inappropriate) lyrical changes in worship songs but also new worship song favs and theology; the boys finish up by sharing how they got "wrecked" this week. 

Ginyu Force (YouTube clip)
Preaching Rocket
Cloak and Dagger (trailer)
Wolverine: The Long Night (podcast)
Our God Is an Awesome God (song)
So Will I (100 Billion X) by Hillsong (song)
Psalm 126 (You Have Done Great Things for Us) (song)
Reckless Love by Cory Asbury (song)
This I Believe by Hillsong (song)
Cross Vision by Greg Boyd (book)