Colin and Tyler talk about their most recent sermons and hint at the upcoming season of Lent, including the "Ashes-to-go" controversy; Tyler vents about congregants' desires to share dumb comments and/or requests right before Sunday morning worship service starts; Tyler does one of the most embarrassing things of his pastoral career and Colin shares his own flub stories; Colin and Tyler both laugh and agree that their real job description should be "professional smoothing-things-over experts"; Colin and Tyler talk Apple HomePod and recent song favorites; Colin and Tyler conclude talking about Nintendo's new product: Labo.

Mark 9:2-9 - The Transfiguration
Psalm 51
Icon Painting Mess-up
Butt Dust (image)
"All Night" by Big Boi
“Cash Machine” by DRAM
Apple HomePod
Nintendo Labo
Binging with Babish (YouTube Channel)
Basics with Babish
Man at Arms: Reforged (YouTube Channel)