Phew...Tyler and Colin survived a busy Holy Week and Easter Sunday and lived to tell the tale. They'll be the first to say that this episode they do a lot of complaining. But hey, that's what part of this show is about - showing the whole life of a pastor. Colin and Tyler do spend some time talking about how great Daredevil season 2 compares to the first season; pondering the mystery that is Batman v. Superman; revisiting their Star Wars segment and commenting on how cool toys are these days; and round out the conversation discussing communication tools in the church office and telling folks to just do their jobs! We didn't cover too many topics because we were too busy complaining....thank God for the Resurrection. Happy Easter everyone!

Show Notes:
John 20:1-18
Daredevil (Season 2 trailer)
Batman v. Superman (trailer)
Sad Ben Affleck
Super 8 (trailer)
Stark Trek (trailer)
Star Wars - Legos (pod racer)
Star Wars - Legos (Gungan ship)
Trello (app)
Slack (app