The HoSh Podcast's number one super-fan, Will, joins Colin and Tyler as their featured guest this episode. Colin and Tyler bask in Will's celebrity background as an extra in many recent movies and television shows; Colin and Tyler discuss more aspects of preaching and the pressure to conform to congregants' expectations; Will shares his excitement about online ordination and preparing a meditation for a friend's wedding; they discuss weddings vs. funerals which goes on a tangent of what specific things make them cry - ESPN underdog stories, military personnel coming home to their families, the TV show Parenthood, etc; all three get into a hilarious conversation about "images of Christ," primarily a muscularly ripped Jesus and other odd portrayals; they get into a "deep" philosophical discussion about who would be in their respective squads - The Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Goku, Jesus, and Justin Timberlake (among others) make the cut; they finish the episode with Colin doing a hilarious Bernie Sanders impression and conclude sharing their recent content consumption. Tons of talking points so be sure to follow along below! 

Show Notes:

Hunger Games III - Part 1
90 Minutes in Heaven
Alvin in the Chipmunks 4
Blue Crush
The OC
King of Pops
Isaiah 55:1-9
Ancient Aliens
Little Giants
"Jacked" Jesus
Jesus Breaking off the Cross
Buddy Jesus
Laughing Jesus
21 Jump Street (praying to korean jesus)
Finger Poppin A-holes (clip)
22 Jump Street
Magic Mike
Magic Mike XXL
"Bad Blood" by Taylor Swift
Car Karaoke with Adele
"Roll Out" by Ludacris
"Welcome to Atlanta" by Ludacris
The Price of Inequality by Joseph Stiglitz
Chelsea Handler special
Sampler podcast
Serial podcast