Guys, guys, guys...It's our first episode with our very first special guest! Colin, Tyler, and Tim catch up with one another and have a grand old time discussing preaching and sermon series; followed by a new segment entitled, "Crazy sh*t congregants say..."; planning our clergy style and wardrobes; and finishing with a wonderful collection of absurdities from previous worship planning meetings the three had together. We had a lot of laughs and hope you will enjoy our drunken banter and story-telling! Cheers!

Show Notes:
Power and Passion: Six Characters in Search of Resurrection by Samuel Wells
"Are Trumps Values Consistent with Evangelicals?" by NPR (article)
"Fix your Eyes" by Andy Stanley (Andy turns up ~49 min.)
Stephen Moderates an All-Trump Debate (clip)
The Problem with The Battle of Five Armies (clip)
Benedict Cumberbatch Can't Say "Penguins" (clip)
SNL Outtakes from "Undercover Boss on Starkiller Base" (clip)
Passion Planner