This week's episode begins with Colin and Tyler recapping their Sundays at church and preaching; discussing modern portrayals of clergy in the medias, silver screen, and television; a tribute to the late David Bowie and the inspiration of secular artists contributing to conversation of theology; catching up on the latest hip-hop news with Kendrick Lamar (aka K Dot), Kanye West, and Killer Mike; and featuring a new segment: mobile games and apps! You gotta check out Tap Titans, 1010!, Lifeline, Pocket Morty, and Spaceteam.
Show Notes:
SNL “Undercover Boss” with Kylo Ren and the First Order
Spotlight (trailer)
Daredevil in Confession (clip)
Bill Maher on Stephen Colbert (clip)
The Rev. (trailer)
"RETRO" by Childish Gambino
"This Is David Bowie" Spotify Playlist
David Bowie interviewed by MTV on Race (clip)
Church Bells Ring Out “Space Oddity" by David Bowie (clip)
Westboro Baptist Church to picket Bowie’s Memorial Concert (article)
“All My Favorite Theologians are Dying” by Tripp Hudgins (article)
"Untitled" by Kendrick Lamar on The Tonight Show (clip)
Stephen Colbert with Killer Mike
Tap Titans (iOS game)
1010! (iOS game)
Lifeline (iOS game)
Rick and Morty (trailer)
Pocket Morty (iOS game)
Spaceteam (iOS game)