*Shout out to Childish Gambino for our dope intro/outro music, "Sober," off the album Kauai. 

Thanks to those early listeners that gave us some good feedback as we tried our best to incorporate them into our second episode.

In our second episode, we share our opinions about the new Mad Max movie; check out some medieval art depicting the Game of Thrones series (featuring Yoda); Colin takes the "NPR audio quality test" and we relate it to the process of transcribing scriptures; Colin laments the end of Community as we compare the medium to Christians continuing the narrative of the Bible; we attempt to wrap our heads around eschatology and how that affects a whole bunch of stuff; Tyler got a new Macbook (yep); we explore the sub-reddit world of "the button"; and Tyler concludes the show with some great recommendations for comedy podcasts/web shows.... among other topics and tidbits. 

Don't forget to check out the show notes below to and follow along.

Mad Max
Stuff You Should Know (podcast)
Bad Boyz II clip
The Button
Idea Channel
Magic the Gathering (documentary)
Monster Factory - Griffin and Justin McElroy
Maximum Fun Network (podcasts)

The Nature of Doctrine - George Lindbeck

Mad Max - Center Framing
Medieval Yoda
Medieval Game of Thrones
Medieval Memes
NPR Audio Test
Marvel Reset