OMG! Colin and Tyler made it to their tenth episode - how sweet! Thanksgiving has passed and Advent has officially started. They get down to business chatting about shows like The OC, Jessica Jones, and Vikings; all are awaiting the glorious arrival of Star Wars: The Force Awakens; more talk about biblical fan theories - how Batman and Jesus are more alike than you'd think; digging on some spiritual disciplines including listening to Scarlett Johansson read the Bible all sexy; and finishing with the question, "to block or not to block people on social media?" in light of recent events and the political climate - WWJD?
Show Notes:
The OC (trailer)
SNL "Dear Sister" spoof
Jessica Jones (trailer)
Vikings (trailer)
DaVinci Detective (trailer)
Star Wars Episode VII cast on Jimmy Kimmel
James Bond: Spectre (trailer)
Nerdist - James Bonding Podcast
Creed (trailer)
Kyle Strobel
YouVersion Bible App
"Scarlett Johansson Reads the Bible in a Sexy Way"
Master of None (trailer)
Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari